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New Amsterdam, New York, New Babylon Falls

Miracles do happen revealed by the one described by Nostradamus. Find out who will travel from the East and enter the new city. Don't be surprised if you ask yourself, "Did this really happen." See Las Vegas and New York through LP and Ingrid's eyes. Read about how foresight stopped his old mate falling down a crevice at the Grand Canyon. Read the story told by the Navajo people of the Great Eagle and The Dream Catcher.Shop till you drop at Las Vegas’ DFO precinct in Freemont, and follow the trail to find the gold nugget at the Golden Nugget Casino. Experience the thrill of descending into the Grand Canyon by helicopter and motoring down the Colorado River. And experience New York over Easter as LP completes the prophecy of Nostradamus. Join the journey to save & deliver "The Scroll."This book completes the trilogy of Lewis Philips Signature books.

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